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  • Name: KS142DSingle Drum Roller
  • NO.: KS142D
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Sauer driving and vibration system has stable performance, safety and reliability; Full-hydraulic drive and full electro-hydraulic control have simple control and high automation; Full-hydraulic wheel is driven by the hydraulic motor and operated by the single handle with variable speed, and has easy operations; Imported vibration bearings and “three-proofing” electrical connectors are of high quality with reliability; Dual-frequency and double-amplitude vibration ensures high quality of compaction effects; Automatic power break system ensures safety and reliability of the machine; Maintenance-free battery is easy to maintain. Engine hood with the streamline shape and overall flip hood, elegant, and designed to meet the public aesthetic standards.  
Model Unit KS142D
Operating mass kg 14500
Static linear load N/cm 419
Amplitude of vibration mm 1.85/0.85
Vibration frequency Hz 30/34
Centrifugal force kN 315/190
Speed range km/h 0-10
Grade ability % 45
Turning radius mm 6120
Vibrating wheel width mm 2130
Vibrating wheel diameter. mm 1533
Minimum ground clearance mm 486
Engine model   DEUTZ
Power kW 110
Fuel tank capacity L 230
Steering angle   ±35°
Angle of oscillation   ±12°
Length mm 6150
Width mm 2310
Height mm 3150
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